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Dean’s Office Directory

The following is a list of key faculty and staff by offices and departments. You can click on each name to get additional information. For a full directory of all Stanford Engineering faculty, please visit our faculty page.

Title Name Phone  


Dean Jennifer Widom    
Executive Assistant to the Dean Kamryn Kurtzner 650.723-2137  


Sr. Associate Dean, Faculty & Academic Affairs Stacey Bent 650.723.0385  
Director, Faculty & Academic Affairs Christine Eichar 650.721.6592  
Faculty Affairs Specialist Karin Strom 650.497.3460  


Sr. Associate Dean, Student Affairs Thomas Kenny 650.725.9210  
Associate Dean  Kirsti Copeland 650.721.6216  
Assistant Dean, Graduate Affairs Sally Gressens 650.723.2117  
Director of Diversity and Inclusion Lourdes Andrade 650.723.9636  
Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion Marlette Jackson 650.723.5817  
Student Affairs Administrator Darlene Lazar 650.723.5984  
Senior Academic Analyst Kathryn Potts    
Office and Diversity Programs Administrator Gaby Velazquez 650.497.1003  
Accounting Associate Martha Schmidhauser 650.723.9106  
Office and Programs Coordinator Chiru Rwigi 650.498.3890  
Global Engineering Programs, Program Manager Ming Luo 408.838.5511  
Technical Communication Program (TCP)
Director and Lecturer Mary McDevitt 650.721.2673  
Coordinator for Public Speaking Matt Vassar 650.721.2673  
Lecturer Evelin Sullivan 650.721.2673  
Lecturer Melissa Dabiri 650.721.2673  
Lecturer Kelly Harrison  650.721.2673  
Adjunct Lecturer Lisa Modifica 650.721.2673  

Adjunct Lecturer   

Jill O'Nan 650.721.2673  



Senior Associate Dean Laura Breyfogle 650.725.1584  
Senior Director of Development Angela Young 650.497.3878  
Director, Strategic Partnerships Frank Scioscia 650.724.7703  
Director, Major Gifts Matthew Bahls 650.723.9043  
Associate Director of Development Cathy Cosgrove 650.724.6770  
Development Coordinator, Corporate Relations open    
Associate Director, Corporate Relations Jeff Gordon 650.725.5913  
Associate Director of Development Vani Kane 650.721.1531  
Development Coordinator, Major Giving Kayla Masini 650.723.4136  
Development Coordinator, Donor Relations Rachel Morris 650.736.7405  
Associate Director, Annual Giving Suzanne Morze 650.724.4895  
Development Coordinator, Development Larissa Price 650.724.0359  
Associate Director, Donor Relations Ayren Palser 650.724.2421  
Associate Director of Development Erin Phillips 650.721.2954  
Administrative Operations Manager Susan Pursey 650.723.9031  
Director, Annual Giving Open    
Development Associate & Data Analyst Ryan Russell 650.721.4227  
Director, Donor Relations Claire Rooney    
Director, Corporate Relations Mauricio Valencia 650.725.4219  

Communications and Alumni Relations

Chief Communications Officer, Director of Alumni Relations Michael Freedman 650.724.3714  
Associate Director, Communications Tom Abate 650.736.2245  
Associate Director, Digital Engagement Sarah Bielecki 650.725.3548  
Communications Manager Ashley Boney 650.497.0636  
Associate Director, Digital & Social Media  Tonja Deegan 650.736.2243  
Associate Director, Programming and Events Catherine McMillan 650.497.1292  
Associate Director, Donor Relations Jeannie Meyer 650.736.2244  
Development Coordinator, Communications & Alumni Relations Drea Sullivan 650.723.7776  


Sr. Associate Dean, Finance & Administration Scott Calvert 650.736.7755  
Administrative Associate Julie Abbott 650.724.9409  
Administrative Associate Ashley Causgrove 650.497.3695  
Administrative Associate Maria Malik 650.723.3083  
Multi-Department Administrative Associate Kim Marks 650.308.6085  

Engineering Research Administration 

Director, Engineering Research Administration Csilla M. Csaplár 650.498.6977  
Assistant Director Gina Liebig 650.723.0949  
Compliance & Reporting Specialist Sean Collins 650.723.0812  
Research Proposal Editor Rachel Sparks 650.724.5309  
Training Specialist Michael Hitchcock 650.721.6910  

ERA Teams


Facilities Planning and Management

Director, Facilities Planning and Management Kevin Manalili 650.529.5179  
Associate Director, Construction/Renovations Brian Carilli 650.619.3898  
Facilities and Planning Coordinator Elaine Glatzel 650.796.2634  
Associate Director, Building Operations Open    

Associate Director, Health & Safety

Leslie O’Rourke-Garrett 650.206.0226  


Director of Finance Jamie Willmes 650.723.9567  
Sr. Financial Analyst Kathlyn Llewellyn 650.736.2828  
Sr. Budget & Financial Analyst Matt Bush 650.723.4538  
Accountant Marie Rappa 650.723.6334  

Human Resources

Director, Human Resources Ember Pickands    
Human Resources Manager  Rita Hernandez 650.736.9881  
Human Resources  Marian Naaf 650.723.8145  
Sr. Human Resources Administrator  Carrie Marcus 650.725.8245  
Human Resources Administrator  Lexi Friis 650.723.2807  
Payroll Administrator Patti Pickering 650.723.1649  

Information Technology

Director, Information Technology Kurt Howerton 650.497.5979  
Support Desk Manager Jeff Barkow 650.498.0715  
Support Administrator Darrel Bayani 650.736.6223  
Project Manager Trina Glidden 650.736.9366  
Systems Engineer Alex Keller 650.736.6421  
Support Administrator Kevin Canlas 650.422.4492  
Support Administrator Jonathan Flores 650.497.0700  



Library Information Desk   650.723.0001  


Aeronautics and Astronautics (AA)

Chair Charbel Farhat 650.723.3840  
Director of Finance and Operations  Brittney Holmquist    
Admissions Robin Murphy 650.725.9825  
Student Services Patrick Ferguson 650.723.2757
Chair Administrator Grace Fontanilla 650.725.4107  

Bioengineering (BIOE)

Chair Jennifer Cochran 650.724.9389
Director of Finance and Operations  Olgalydia Winegar

Student Services Manager Katy Bechler 650.725.3260
Student Services Specialist Gracey Hessinger 650.497.3135
Chair Administrator Marlys LeSene 650.723.9749

Chemical Engineering (ChemE)

Chair Zhenan Bao 650.723.2419  
Director of Finance and Operations  Stella Minaev 650.498.5275  
Student Services Manager Michelle Brunner 650.723.1302
Student Services Specialist Andrew David LeMat  650.498.1143
Student Services Specialist John Whitney  650.724.9453
Executive Assistant Devika Jha 650.497.9548

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Chair Lynn Hildemann 650.723.0819  
Director of Finance and Operations  Ryan Johnson 650.723.3922  
Assistant Manager Claudia McClure 650.725.2385  
Admissions & Student Services Brenda Sampson 650.725.2387
Student Services Specialist Jill Filice 650.725.2386

Computer Science (CS)

Chair John Mitchell 650.723.8634  
Director of Finance and Operations  Debby Inenaga 650.723.5396  
Student Services (Undergraduate; Masters) Claire Stager 650.723.6094
Student Services (PhD) Jay Subramanian 650.723.1519
Student Services Specialist Verna Wong 650.725.5303  
Chair Administrator Charlotte Marquez 650.725.1430  

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Chair Stephen Boyd 650.723.0002  
Director of Finance and Operations  Mary K McMahon 650.723.4607  
Director of Student and Academic Services Amy Duncan 650.725.9327  
Academic Services Specialist Meo Kittiwanich 650.723.6539
Chair Administrator Marsha Dillon 650.723.6471  

Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)

Chair Nicholas Bambos 650.725.0554  
Director of Finance and Operations  Melinda McGee 650.723.4169  
Admissions Melanie Montoya 650.723.4094  
Student Services Lori Cottle 650.725.1633
Chair Administrator open    

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Chair Paul McIntyre 650.725.9806  
Director of Finance and Operations  Firoozeh Verplanke 650.724.6784  
Student Services Manager (Graduate) Mara Violanti 650.721.4015
Student Services (Undergraduate) Jacob Wilson 650.725.2648  
Chair Administrator Patricia Cruz 650.723.2534    

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Chair Kenneth Goodson 650.725.2086  
Director of Finance and Operations  Giselle Martin 650.725.2073  
Admissions Julianne McAndrews 650.724.7660  
Student Services Michelle Rice 650.725.2075
Chair Administrator Hong Clark 650.723.4023