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Dean’s Office Directory

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The following is a list of key staff by offices and departments. For a full directory of all Stanford Engineering faculty, please visit our faculty page.

Office of the Dean

Title Name Phone
Dean Jennifer Widom  
Executive Assistant to the Dean Andrea Kuduk (650) 723-3118


Title Name Phone
Director of Analytics Kathryn Potts (650) 736-3645
Data Analyst Ryan Russell (650) 497-9273
Data Analyst Nick Davis  

Communications and Alumni Relations

Title Name Phone
Associate Dean for Communications and Alumni Affairs  Julie Greicius
Associate Director, Digital Engagement Sarah Bielecki (650) 725-3548
Digital Content Producer Yuri Hobart  
Associate Director, Events Jeannie Meyer (650) 736-2244
Director of Public Relations Jill Wu  


Title Name Phone
Associate Dean for Development Angela Young (650) 497-3878
Director, Strategic Partnerships Frank Scioscia (650) 724-7703
Director, Corporate Relations Mauricio Valencia (650) 725-4219
Senior Associate Director, Corporate Relations Jeff Gordon (650) 725-5913
Director, Major Gifts Matthew Bahls (650) 723-9043
Associate Director of Development Cathy Cosgrove (650) 724-6770
Associate Director of Development Erin Phillips (650) 721-2954
Associate Director of Development Jocelyn Sanders (540) 818-2167
Director, Annual Giving Nyjeri Whipps (650) 724-2421
Associate Director, Leadership Giving Suzanne Morze (650) 724-4895
Director, Donor Relations Claire Rooney (815) 228-3263
Assistant Director, Donor Relations Heather Paisar (650) 724-5179
Assistant Director, Donor Relations Lucy Pinto (650) 723-3674
Administrative Operations Manager Susan Pursey (650) 723-9031
Development Coordinator Lydiah Maranga  
Development Coordinator Rachel Morris (650) 736-7405
Development Coordinator Sarah Berry  
Development Coordinator, Donor Relations Amy Leung  
Development Coordinator Mary Kate
(650) 498-4993

Engineering Research Administration 

Title Name Phone
Director, Engineering Research Administration Csilla M. Csaplár (650) 498-6977
Assistant Director Gina Liebig (650) 723-0949
Compliance & Reporting Specialist Sean Collins (650) 723-0812
Research Proposal Editor Blythe Nobleman (650) 770-5777
Training Specialist Frank Castaneda (650) 725-0475
ERA teams    

Facilities Planning and Management

Title Name Phone
Director of Facilities and Planning  Kevin Manalili (650) 529-5179
Associate Director, Construction/Renovations Brian Carilli (650) 619-3898
Science and Engineering Quad Services Manager Veronica Chavez (650) 723-9634
Associate Director, Health & Safety Leslie O’Rourke-Garrett (650) 206-0226
Building Managers    

Faculty and Academic Affairs

Title Name Phone
Sr. Associate Dean, Faculty & Academic Affairs Ken Goodson (650) 723-0385
Director, Faculty & Academic Affairs Christine Eichar (650) 721-6592
Faculty Affairs Specialist Karin Strom (650) 497-3460

Finance and Administration

Title Name Phone
Sr. Associate Dean, Finance & Administration Scott Calvert (650) 736-7755
Administrative Associate Leticia Macias  
Administrative Associate Matthew Rose (650) 725-9934
Multi-Department Administrative Associate Emmanuel Sanchez  
Multi-Department Administrative Associate Lorena Jasso  


Title Name Phone
Finance Director Kayte Bishop (650) 736-3758 
Senior Budget and Financial Analyst Kristen Domingo (408) 887-7810
Senior Financial Analyst Marie Rappa (650) 736-2828
Financial Analyst Julie Abbott (650) 723-6334

Human Resources

Title Name Phone
Director, Human Resources Lisa Boesch (650) 736-7027
Associate Director of Human Resources Nhu Do (650) 721-3939
Human Resources Business Partner  Keyana Fountain (650) 724-9258
Human Resources Business Partner  Jennie Munson (650) 736-9881
Payroll Administrator Patti Pickering (650) 723-1649
Human Resources & Operations Administrator Rachelle Celeridad (650) 723-2807
Human Resources & Operations Administrator Bridgett Lyall  
Human Resources & Visa Specialist Margie Mene  

Information Technology

Title Name Phone
Director, Information Technology Kurt Howerton (650) 497-5979
Systems Engineer Alex Keller (650) 736-6421
Service Desk Manager Kevin Canlas (650) 497-2810
Computing Support Analyst 3 Mike Gesmundo (510) 676-3881
Computing Support Analyst 2 Thomas Hypponen-Hernandez (650) 776-3459
Computing Support Analyst 1  Edward Rocha (650) 776-3216

Stanford Center for Professional Development

Title Name Phone
Associate Dean for Global and Online Education,
Executive Director, SCPD
Carissa Little (650) 444-4829
Chief Technology Officer Robert Prakash (650) 796-8077
Chief Compliance Officer Marc Sanders (650) 721-9427
Managing Director, Programs Strategy and Development Ronie Shilo (650) 391-5596

Student Affairs

Title Name Phone
Senior Associate Dean Thomas Kenny  
Associate Dean  Kirsti Copeland (650) 721-6216
Director of Graduate Finance and Academic Policy Samantha Schwartz   
Assistant Director of Equity and Inclusion Bethlehem Aynalem  
Student Affairs Administrator Darlene Lazar (650) 723-5984
Assistant Director for Graduate Communities Gaby Velazquez (650) 497-1003
Assistant Director for Graduate Outreach and Recruitment Luz Jiménez Ruvalcaba  
Graduate Diversity Administrative Associate Julie Hendrix (650) 275-2584
Accounting Associate Martha Schmidhauser (650) 723-9106
Global Engineering Programs, Associate Director Ming Luo (408) 838-5511
Director, Technical Communications Program Mary McDevitt (650) 721-2673