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1. When can I apply for SSEA?

The program application will open on Monday, May 18, 2020, and will close on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

2. Are international students eligible to participate?

International students have been an important part of our programs for years, but given the virtual nature of the program this year and uncertainty for the fall quarter, there may be additional barriers that would prevent participation. We are happy to consult with international students about the program requirements, commitment, and schedule to see if it will work for you. Please feel free to reach out directly to

3. What are my chances of being selected?

This year we are able to select ~60 participants. Each year we receive many more applications than we are able to accommodate. However, there are many resources and activities open and available to all undergraduates at Stanford and in the School of Engineering. 

4. Where is SSEA held?

This year it will be online! Traditionally, it takes place at Stanford's campus at one of the undergraduate residences. For students who do not have a laptop/tablet and/or access to a stable internet connection, we will work with campus resources to provide these items.

5. How much does SSEA cost?

Nothing! All costs to attend and participate in the summer are fully covered.

6. I am unable to commit to the entire 4 weeks of SSEA, can I attend only part of it?

No. Building strong relationships within the SSEA community is one of the most important parts of the program, and you will not be able to do this if you do not participate fully. Therefore, we are only accepting applications from students who are able to commit to participate in the entire 4 week experience.

7. What can I expect to learn from the SSEA curriculum?

Formally, you will take a computer science class and a course that aims to reshape your mathematical mindset for success at Stanford. SSEA aims to jumpstart the path towards engineering by building community and introducing you to the resources, key skills, and faculty that will help you flourish at Stanford.

8. Can I credit any of the work I do at SSEA towards my degree at Stanford?

You will receive 3 units of credit in your Autumn study list for your participation in SSEA. The units of credit cannot be applied towards any prerequisites or WAYS requirements.

9. Can I apply to both SSEA and to the Leland Scholars Program (LSP)?

Yes, in fact you can apply to both programs using the same application! Please note that if you are selected, you will only receive an offer to participate in one program. Therefore, apply to both programs if you would be content with attending either. The application will be available on both sites.