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2022 SSEA Staff

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Professional Staff

Lourdes Andrade (she/her)
Senior Director, Equity & Inclusion
Hometown: San Diego, CA


Bethlehem Aynalem (she/her)
: Assistant Director, Equity & Inclusion
Hometown: American Canyon, CA


Gaby Velazquez (she/her)
Position: Assistant Director, Graduate Communities 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Luz M. Jiménez Ruvalcaba (she/her)
Position: Assistant Director, Graduate Outreach and Recruitment 
Hometown: Inglewood, CA


Martha Schmidhauser (she/her)
Position: Accounting Associate 
Hometown: Iowa City, IA 

Resident Fellows  (RFs)

Current Stanford graduate students responsible for the residential well being of the SSEA program.


Rachel Portillo (she/her)
MA Environmental Communication
Hometown: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


Resident Assistants  (RAs)

Current Stanford undergraduate students responsible for the residential well being of the SSEA program.

Gabe SantaCruz (he/him)
Major: Computer Science
Fun fact: I know how to lucid dream o.O (control my dreams)


Heidy Badillo (she/her)
Major: Science, Technology & Society 
Fun fact: As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut!


Hywot Ayana (she/her)
Major: Undecided
Fun fact: I can’t whistle yet.


Imgard Bonheaur (she/her)
Major: Undecided
Fun fact: I broke my glasses in the 5th grade walking to a bathroom stall door. Luckily no one else was in the bathroom, but I had to go back to PE class with one of the sides holding my glasses up, completely detached.



Yaayaa Pajibo (she/her)
Major: Product Design
Fun fact: I can eat ghost pepper and not cry.



Ji Hong Ni (he/him)
Major: Computer Science
Fun fact: I’ve recently fallen into a Genshin Impact hole…



Kimberly Juarez (she/her)
Major: Environmental Systems Engineering
Fun fact: I once made an EDM song out of the sound of dorm fire alarm going off at 4 a.m.


Steven Li (he/him)
Major: Computer Science 
Fun fact:I spent my summer living with a Colombian family communicating purely with Google Translate



Emily Bunnapradist (she/her)
Major: Mathematics/Symbolic Systems
Fun fact: I thought reindeer were fake until I saw one in seventh grade.