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SSEA 2020 Staff


Professional Staff


Lourdes Andrade (she/her)

Position: Director, Equity & Inclusion

Hometown: San Diego, CA


Ngoc Tran (she/her)

Position: Assistant Director, Equity & Inclusion

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Gaby Velazquez (she/her)

Position: Office and Programs Administrator

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Resident Fellows  (RFs)

Are current Stanford graduate students responsible for the residential well being of the SSEA program.

Riley Zhang (she/her)

Degree: Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science & Engineering

Hometown: Yantain, China

Luis Govea (he/him)

Degree: Bioengineering '20; Computer Science Co-Term

Hometown: Irving, TX

Resident Assistants  (RAs)

Are current Stanford undergraduate students responsible for the residential well being of the SSEA program.

Jeanette Chen (she/her)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun fact: I was on the Judo club team!

Justin Thach (he/him)

Major: Human Biology and Sociology

Fun fact: I came into Stanford as a pre-law political science major.

Laura Pelaez (she/her)

Major: International Relations

Fun fact: When I was little, I didn't know you needed to put water
in instant noddles to cook them and I microwaved them dry three
times, inevitably smoking up the whole house.

Anais Marroquin (she/her)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun fact: I've done Judo competitively since I was 11!

Lina Fowler (she/her)

Major: Architectural Design

Fun fact: I have pet chickens.


Marco Antonio Vasquez (he/him)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun fact: I love celery.

Megan Hyatt (she/they)

Major: Electrical Engineering

Fun fact: Pineapple is my favorite pizza topping.


Merissa Rieken (she/her)

Major: Product Design

Fun fact: I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years!

Ryan Brennan (he/him)

Major: Undeclared

Fun fact: I'm left-handed and have 4 brothers.

Ryan Park (he/him)

Major: Biomedical Computation

Fun fact: I still use a flip phone :)