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2024 SSEA Staff

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Professional Staff


Portrait of Jamillah McDaniel

Jamillah McDaniel Ph.D. (she/her)
Position: Senior Director, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives 
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Karolina Reyes (she/her)
Position: Associate Director, Undergraduate Communities 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Portrait of Gaby Velazquez

Gaby Velazquez (she/her)
Position: Associate Director, Graduate Communities 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Portrait of Luz Jimenez Ruvalcaba

Luz M. Jiménez Ruvalcaba Ph.D. (she/her)
Position: Associate Director, Graduate Outreach and Recruitment 
Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Portrait of Jackie Hernandez

Jackie Hernandez (she/her)
Position: Office and Programs Administrator 
Hometown: San Diego, CA 

Portrait of Martha Schmidhauser

Martha Schmidhauser (she/her)
Position: Accounting Associate 
Hometown: Iowa City, IA 

Graduate Fellows  (GFs)

Current Stanford graduate students are responsible for the residential well-being of the SSEA program.

Chase Alvarado-Anderson (he/him) 
Major: Earth & Planetary Sciences
Fun fact: I am a classically trained musician and have performed with the Grateful Dead.      
Hometown: Dallas, TX & New Orleans, LA

Monica Tavassoli (she/her) 
Major: MS&E (B.S.) & Sustainability (M.S.)
Fun fact: I was a classical ballerina and modern dancer for 10 years!
Hometown: Santa Ana, California

Resident Assistants  (RAs)

Current Stanford undergraduate students are responsible for the residential well-being of the SSEA program.

Emmy Echevarria Muniz (she/her)
Major: Electrical Engineering
Fun fact: I love the color purple and I can fix just about anything.
Hometown: South Sioux City, Nebraska

Henry Chang (he/him)
Major: Computer Engineering
Fun fact: I can whistle really well!
Hometown: Elmhurst, New York

Hope Adhanom-Shipman (she/her)
Major: Earth Systems
Fun fact: I love crocheting and giving my projects away as gifts to friends and family!
Hometown: Peoria, IL

Isaias Martinez (he/him)
Major: Bioengineering
Fun fact: I've played soccer for 14 years starting when I was five years old. Although I don't play much now, I still watch it often with my favorite team being FC Barcelona.
Hometown: Rosemead, California

Magaly Aviles (she/her)
Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Fun fact: I love to powerlift and hope to compete in the future.
Hometown: South Gate, CA

Milo Golding (he/him)
Major: Bioengineering 
Fun fact: I’ve been told that I look taller in person than how I look in pictures. I guess I’m keeping people on their toes.
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Mohamed Elhassan (he/him)
Major: Biomedical Computation
Fun fact: I can probably crack mostly every joint in my body.
Hometown: Laurel, Maryland

Nicholas Donaldson (he/him)
Major: Electrical Engineering
Fun fact: I played water polo for Jamaica on its under 16 team in the CARIFTA games.
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica