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Chinese Undergraduate Visiting Research Program Structure

Chinese students at a poster session
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Each year, 12–18 undergraduates (juniors) from select Chinese universities come to the Stanford School of Engineering to work with faculty on research.  

These Chinese UGVR students, from universities including Tsinghua, PKU, USTC and NTU are integrated into the School of Engineering summer REU program for about 10 weeks, alongside Stanford engineering students.

In the fall, interested Stanford Engineering faculty are invited to submit position descriptions with information about the summer research to be done by the Chinese UGVR student, along with the required skills and background. These position descriptions are provided to the Chinese universities who then facilitate a competitive application process, including English interviews, and pre-select a handful of students for each position. The applications of these students are then forwarded to the Stanford faculty member for a final decision. Unless otherwise requested, each Stanford faculty member is provided with applications from students at multiple Chinese universities. Each faculty member can only host one UGVR student. 

The China Programs staff coordinates this process and, once the students are selected, organizes their admission to Stanford, visas, housing, travel, and other logistics.

Interested students of partner universities can apply this program only through their schools.

Take a look at what faculty and students have to say about the program.