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Recruit Students and Alumni

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Recruiting services are available to help you find and attract the best talent. 

Affiliate Programs Facilitate Recruiting

Benefits of joining  the Stanford Affiliate Programs include recruiting top talent. Two examples include Computer Forum, which connects companies with more than 1,000 Stanford Computer Science or Electrical Engineering students, and CARS, which brings together transportation and auto companies with students interested in careers with companies in those fields. The Corporate Relations team can help you find the best match for your interests.

Post a Job or Internship

Recruit students — Advertise jobs or internships with Stanford Career Education, a website exclusive to Stanford. Employers can recruit engineering students at no cost or opt for a fee-based partnership.

Recruit alumni — Advertise on the Handshake career network. There is no cost to use this service, but registration is required. Stanford alumni may recruit alumni through the Stanford Alumni Association.

Recruit at Career Fairs

There are a variety of career fairs held throughout the year. For a full list and more information, please see CareerEd’s career fairs.