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Admission & Aid

Admission and financial aid are critical aspects in the university experience.

The admission process takes place through the university for undergraduates and in departments for graduate students. Various financial aid options are available for undergraduate, graduate and coterm students.

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Students are not required to declare a major until the beginning of junior year; therefore, undergraduates apply directly to the university.


Graduate students apply directly to their department. Many admission requirements are common to all departments, but specific requirements, deadlines and contacts vary. Prospective graduate students are evaluated and admitted by each program.

Graduate Admissions

Coterminal programs allow Stanford students to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in parallel. Undergraduates apply directly to a department to enroll in a coterm program.

Incoming students have several financial aid options at Stanford to make their college choice a reality. Most financial aid options are need-based.

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If you are thinking about declaring an engineering major but would like to test the waters before committing, you have the opportunity to take introductory seminars in any number of engineering topics.

Undergraduate Handbook

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Mechanical Engineering

Do you remember the scene at the end of the movie Apollo 13 where the team at NASA was concerned that...