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Stanford Engineering prizes problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurship and adaptation to change.

We will build on these core values and meet the challenges of the future by diversifying our student body and faculty; by giving our students, faculty, and staff an even greater appreciation for the importance of collaborating and sharing resources; and by promoting a culture that not only hires the best, but ensures that we develop and reward our top educators throughout their careers.

Two students create a bronze cast of the Stanford seal at the Product Realization Lab
Two students create a bronze cast of the Stanford seal in a class project at the Product Realization Lab. | Photo by Drew Kelly

Identifying, understanding, and ultimately solving the world’s major challenges requires that we bring together voices and ideas from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. Stanford Engineering is committed to increasing the pipeline and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds, particularly women and individuals from underrepresented minorities, for successful careers in engineering disciplines.

Finally, we understand that we need to take care of those who will educate the next generation, both in the classroom and in the laboratory. That begins with hiring the best. It also means continuously re-examining the process by which we train and develop our educators — scholars and practitioners alike — to ensure that we will always meet our exacting standards for research and education.