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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Help us build a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture

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Embracing diversity, advancing equity and cultivating inclusion at Stanford Engineering is an active, ongoing practice. And it touches every level of our dynamic community — faculty, students, postdoctoral scholars and staff. While Stanford Engineering is committed to reflecting the vibrant world around us, our work is far from finished. 

We're prioritizing bringing together the most talented people from all backgrounds. That means nurturing an environment that welcomes and validates diverse perspectives and beliefs. Only when our engineers understand — and mirror — the needs of all people can we achieve our school’s larger mission: to create a better world.

Meet a few of Stanford Engineering's students, faculty and staff. Their stories are our collective narrative.

Dean's advisory group


The Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Council is a graduate student group within Stanford Engineering dedicated to building a more positive environment for students to learn, work and thrive.

Programs for all

Read about the programs that are helping us strive for greater diversity, equity, inclusion and access for Stanford engineers at all academic levels.

For incoming undergraduate students

Stanford Summer Engineering Academy (SSEA)

Many of our students say SSEA, a program that introduces first-year students to campus, is like family. Watch this video to hear why.

Get to know our professors

Stanford Engineering faculty play a powerful role in advocating for students, making them feel heard and building a community based on the inclusion of all voices. Meet these inspiring minds.

Debbie Senesky

Debbie Senesky

My group is pretty diverse, and when students are having a hard time, I tell them to use the resources around them ... focus on the people who want them to succeed, and speak their minds even when it goes against the grain because I want them to express themselves fully in the way that I was able to. I walk them to the window, and I tell them to look at the view, and I say, “You made it. You are here. You belong."


Monther Abu-Remaileh

"Now that I have a lab of my own at Stanford, one of my goals is to give new students hands-on experience and confidence in doing research, so they can see the possibilities available to them. I’m especially interested in giving undergraduates that opportunity while training more senior students and postdocs, so they can participate in discovering something new. As a young student, something like that can change your life."

Stacey Bent

Stacey Bent

"I always advise students and young faculty to find mentors. They don’t have to be formal relationships and you don’t have to limit yourself to a small number of helpful people. Most people love to be asked for their advice and they’re usually happy to give it. You can develop the relationship from there."

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The new face of Stanford

Graduate student enrollment

Underrepresented minorities and women in STEM fields are the fastest-growing groups among Stanford’s graduate student population.

Event series playlist

Engineering for All

Watch this series focused on exploring how engineering can become more inclusive in education and in design.

Cross-campus initiative


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Environment is part of Stanford’s vision to increase and accelerate purposeful impact in the world.