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Faculty Awards 2005-2006

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During the academic year 2005-06, many faculty members were recognized for their research or teaching. Click on a name to see additional information about that faculty member.

Name Award Date Primary Department
Holt Ashley Reed Aeronautics Award 2006 Aeronautics & Astronautics
Zhenan Bao Sloan Research Fellowship 2006 Chemical Engineering
Stephen Barley Academy of Management Distinguished Scholar 2006 Management Science & Engineering
David Beach

Sugden Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education

Bass Undergraduate Teaching Fellow

Dean's Award for Industry Education Innovation




Mechanical Engineering
Stacey Bent Tau Beta Pi Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching AVS Fellow 2006 Chemical Engineering
Sarah Billington American Concrete Institute Fellow 2006 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dan Boneh Computerworld Horizon Award 2006 Computer Science
Wei Cai NSF CAREER Award 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Richard Christensen ASME Nadai Medal 2006 Aeronautics & Astronautics
John Cioffi Marconi Fellow 2006 Electrical Engineering
Scott Delp Lauterbur Award for Best Paper, co-author 2005 Bioengineering
Reinhold Dauskardt IBM Faculty Award 2006 Materials Science & Engineering
Karl Deisseroth

National Institute of Health Director's Pioneer Award

Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering


David Dill ACM Fellow 2006 Computer Science
Robert Dutton Phil Kaufman Award in Electronic Design Automation 2006 Electrical Engineering
Kathleen Eisenhardt

C.L. Dexter Award for Best International Paper

Eugene L. Grant Award

Academy of Management Journal's "10 Most Interesting Empirical Papers in Management," co-recipient OMT Division's Best Papers, co-recipient

2006 Management Science & Engineering
Feryal Erhun NSF CAREER Award 2006 Management Science & Engineering
Charbel Farhat

Elected to the High Scientific Council, Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales

Chair of SIAM Conference of Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing

2006 Mechanical Engineering
Edward Feigenbaum American Association for Artificial Intelligence Distinguished Service Award 2006 Computer Science
Martin Fischer Hoefer Prize 2005 Civil & Environmental Engineering
  Elected Honorary Senior Fellow of Design Futures Council 2006  
Gerald Fuller Alan V. Cox Medal 2006 Chemical Engineering
  Appointed to Fletcher Jones Professorship II 2006  
Hector Garcia-Molina 100 Most Important Hispanics in Technology and Business (Hispanic Engineer and IT magazine) 2006 Computer Science
Warren Hausman Third Annual Meir Rosenblatt Memorial Lecturer 2005 Management Science & Engineering
Martin Hellman Elected fellow of International Assocation for Cryptologic Research 2006 Electrical Engineering
Mark Horowitz Donald O. Pederson Award 2006 Electrical Engineering
Christopher Jacobs Iwao Yasuda Award 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Mark Jacobson Editors' Citation for Excellence in Refereeing, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres


Civil & Environmental Engineering
Antony Jameson Elmer A. Sperry Award 2006 Aeronautics & Astronautics
Ramesh Johari

Okawa Foundation Research Grant

INFORMS Telecommunications Section Dissertation Award



Management Science & Engineering
Joseph Kahn Hoover Faculty Scholar 2003-2005 Electrical Engineering
Tom Kailath Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame inductee

Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal

2006 Electrical Engineering
Butrus Khuri-Yakub Distinguished Alumnus of American University of Beirut 2005 Electrical Engineering
Scott Klemmer Microsoft Research New Faculty Fellow 2006 Computer Science
Vladlen Koltun David Morgenthaler II Faculty Scholarship 2005-2008 Computer Science
Jeffrey Koseff

Appointed William Alden and Martha Campbell Professor

Appointed Michael Forman University Fellow



Civil & Environmental Engineering
Christos Kozyrakis IBM Faculty Award


2006 Electrical Engineering
Helmut Krawinkler Applied Technology Council Award of Excellence 2006 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Raymond Levitt Peurifoy Construction Research Award 2006 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Richard Luthy Chinese Academy of Sciences Einstein Professor

Honorary Doctorate of Clarkson University

2005 Civil & Environmental Engineering
James Meindl IEEE Medal of Honor 2006 Electrical Engineering
Nicholas Melosh NSF CAREER Award 2006 Management Science & Engineering
John Mitchell Computerworld Horizon Award 2006 Computer Science
Subhasish Mitra

Intel Design and Test Technology Conference Best Paper Award

Design Automation Conference Best Paper Award Nomination

Intel Mobility Group Recognition Award

Donald O. Pederson Outstanding Paper Award

Terman Fellow

Dana Adams Griffin Award

IBM Faculty Award








Electrical Engineering
Parviz Moin Lewis F. Moody Award 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Rajeev Motwani Indian Institute of Technology Distinguished Alumnus Award IEEE Fellow 2006

Computer Science

Gunter Niemeyer NSF CAREER Award 2006 Mechanical Engineering
Bradford Parkinson Goddard Astronautics Award

WDC Space Technology Hall of Fame Individual Certificate

2006 Aeronautics & Astronautics
M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell Co-chair of Stanford International Initiative Steering Committee

Member of Stanford Advisory Board

Re-appointed Senior Fellow of Stanford Institute for International Studies

2006 Management Science & Engineering
Arogyaswami J. Paulraj Member, National Academy of Engineering 2006 Electrical Engineering
Norbert Pelc Sylvia Sorkin Greenfield Best Paper Award, co-author 2006 Radiology, Bioengineering
Martin Reinhard Wright Brothers Medal Award 2005 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Eric Roberts Elected Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science 2005 Computer Science
Bernard Roth

University of Cassino Honoris Causa degree

Appointed Honorary Co-chair of Internet Content Rating Assocation



Mechanical Engineering
Tim Roughgarden


Sloan Research Fellowship



Computer Science
Amin Saberi NSF CAREER Award 2006 Management Science & Engineering
Juan Santiago GEM Outstanding Achievement in Academia Award 2006 Mechanical Engineering
James Swartz Appointed to Leland T. Edwards Professorship 2006 Chemical Engineering
Sebastian Thrun Listed as one of Popular Science's "Brilliant 10" 2006 Computer Science
Jeffrey Ullman Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award

ACM SIGMOD Test-of-Time Award

2006 Computer Science
Jelena Vuckovic

Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award

Okawa Foundation Research Grant recipient



Electrical Engineering
Shan Wang National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Futures Grant Award 2006 Management Science & Engineering
Tsachy Weissman Joint IT/COM Societies Paper Award



Electrical Engineering

Jennifer Widom ACM Fellow 2006 Computer Science
Gio Wiederhold MITRE IRS Expert Program Recognition Award 2006 Computer Science
Yoshihisa Yamamoto Medal with Purple Ribbon in Autumn (from the emperor of Japan) 2005 Electrical Engineering
Paul Yock Phoenix Hall of Fame Innovator's Award 2005 Bioengineering