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2012 Heroes

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Craig Barrett

Craig Barrett is the retired CEO and chair of semiconductor giant Intel Corp., where he rose through the company’s ranks to become president in 1997 and CEO a year later. More

Andreas Bechtolsheim

Andreas “Andy” Bechtolsheim built the path-breaking SUN workstation while working as a doctoral student at Stanford in computer science and electrical engineering. More

Morris Chang

Morris Chang is the founding chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a pioneer of the dedicated integrated circuit foundry model. More

George Dantzig

A trained mathematician, George Dantzig (1914-2005) is known as the "father" of linear programming and the “simplex algorithm.” More

Theodore Maiman

Theodore “Ted” Maiman (1927-2007) holds U.S. Patent 3,353,115 for the world’s first working laser. More

Bradford Parkinson

Bradford Parkinson is chief architect of the now-ubiquitous Global Positioning System (GPS), whose design he led as a U.S. Air Force colonel in 1973. More

Calvin Quate

Calvin “Cal” Quate is the brilliant mind behind acoustic and atomic force microscopy. More

Stephen Timoshenko

Stephen Timoshenko (1878-1972) was a renowned expert, teacher and writer widely regarded as the "father" of applied mechanics in the U.S. More