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Endowed Fellowships

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Graduate student aid plays a critical role in attracting remarkable talent from across the world and maintaining our standing as a world leader in engineering research and education.

As efforts to recruit the most promising scholars intensify in both academia and industry, competitive financial aid packages help ensure we can continue to attract the world’s best candidates.

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Preparing the next generation

Graduate fellowships

Graduate students are at the core of our academic ecosystem, playing a vital role in every aspect of our research and teaching mission. With increased fellowship funding, we can admit even more immensely talented students, offer more years of guaranteed funding, and provide robust aid packages. You can help us continue to inspire and prepare the next generation of engineering leaders who will help us navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

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Supporting dedicated students

Coterm fellowships

Some 40 percent of our undergraduates currently pursue a coterm degree, staying on an extra year to receive their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously. We believe these students are better prepared to land their first job and, ultimately, to tackle urgent global challenges. Stanford’s undergraduate aid ends with their bachelor’s degree, so students with the greatest need are least able to participate in this program. Help us make coterms accessible to more of our remarkable students.

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Make Stanford a reality

The School of Engineering’s future depends on our ability to make financial considerations a non‐factor in any promising student’s decision to attend Stanford or extend their degree program. Empowering top students with competitive aid allows them to pursue their passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and has a transformative impact on engineering research and education across the world. Your support is critical to our efforts.

Funding a graduate fellowship 

The minimum gift to establish a fellowship is $250,000. A gift of $2 million creates a fully funded fellowship with an annual payout capable of supporting a graduate student for an academic year.

“I feel fortunate to have received a fellowship ... I am a triplet and my parents would have had difficulty paying for my graduate education on top of putting all three of us through an undergraduate program.” 

-Jesse Streicher, PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Jesse Streicher
Studying the combustion chemistry of biofuels

A fellowship success story