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Expectations & Requirements

Students accepted to ACE are required to attend the scheduled course lectures for either CME, CS, MS&E, or Math, and the graduate student-led ACE section for the course. Please note that ACE sections are scheduled so that they do not conflict with the course lecture time.

Application Process & Courses

There are four different ACE applications (CME, Math, MS&E, and CS) and you are welcome to apply to as many ACE courses as you need. Questions about enrollment status (acceptance and enrollment codes) should be directed to the ACE CA instructor. Questions about enrollment coordination and administration (e.g. unable to enroll with enrollment code given) should be directed to the departmental contacts listed below.

Steps to apply for ACE courses:

  1. Enroll in your ACE courses/main lectures:

    • Math: 20ACE, 21ACE, 51ACE
    • CME: 100ACE
    • CS: 100A/B (106A/B), 103ACE, 107ACE, 109ACE, 111ACE
    • MS&E: No courses offered this quarter
  2. Apply to the ACE course you need by completing the correct ACE Program Application linked below. Please note that space in each section is limited and an application does not guarantee enrollment.


    ACE Application LinkContact for Questions
    MathContact the Math ACE CA for your course
    CMEContact the CME ACE CA for your course
    Computer ScienceContact the CS ACE CA for your course
    MS&EContact the MS&E ACE CA for your course
    General ACE QuestionsAlka Panda at
    Celine Escarmant at
  3. You are welcome to apply to as many ACE courses as you need.

    • The priority deadline is Friday, Mar 22 at 5 PM PT
    • The FINAL deadline is Friday, April 5 at 5 PM PT
  4. Students will be notified of their acceptance to ACE by the END of Week 1 of the quarter, latest, Friday, April 5.

  5. Once you have been notified of your acceptance to the ACE program, we will send you a permission number via email to register for the section.

See Full ACE Course List