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Mechanical Engineering

Two students looking at a monitor in a lab
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Mechanical Engineering pushes the limits of the possible – the ultra-efficient and hyper-fast, the maximally enduring and most sustainable, the fully autonomous and the super-controlled.

The department’s core mission is to address the most pressing needs of human society, with a particular emphasis on the fields of energy, transportation and health.

Gloved hand holding technology on glass

What are we researching?

We employ a range of methodologies: design thinking, computational simulation, control systems and multi-scale approaches that range from the nanoscale to complex biological and mechanical systems.


Students using a bellow in the foundry

What is it like for undergraduate students?

Our program provides students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to address a variety of societal needs. With a solid grounding in the principles and practice of mechanical engineering, our graduates are ready to engage in ethical approaches to engineering, with concern for society and the environment.


Two students working on electronics with wires

What is it like for graduate students?

At the graduate level, the program aligns academic course work with research to prepare scholars in specialized areas within the field. Graduate students work one-on-one with faculty who are at the forefront of technological innovation.