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Students at table

An engineering education includes traditional classrooms, lecture halls, lab work and research opportunities. | Photo by Drew Kelly

Stanford Engineering offers 16 defined undergraduate majors, plus the option to design your own. Coterm and graduate programs are offered in all engineering departments.

Faculty have developed blended courses that involve interactive learning in addition to traditional lectures, as well as hands-on opportunities for students to take courses in the environments best suited to their learning styles.

Engineering curricula emphasizes fundamental knowledge, tools and skills, while allowing many opportunities for engineering students to take advantage of the excellent courses and programs offered by other schools at Stanford. About 10 percent of all engineering majors choose to double-major, many study overseas for a quarter or more, and most are involved in extracurricular activities.

Undergraduate student in a classroom

The School of Engineering is home to nine departmental and eight interdepartmental major programs, plus minor and honors options for students to choose.

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Each engineering department offers dozens of curricula that graduate students can choose.


The Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs website is the definitive resource for undergraduate engineers.

Researcher working at a machine

The School of Engineering offers research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.


Mechanical Engineering

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