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Support and Resources

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Stanford Engineering students have support and resources available for tutoringacademic advisingcareer guidance and writing assistance.

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is located in the Dean’s Office in the School of Engineering, Huang 135. Come to us for help with any undergraduate school-level policies or procedures, from filing an academic petition to preparing for graduation. Student Affairs also works with our departments to make sure that graduate financial and academic policies are well understood and implemented fairly — at the university, school and department level — and to develop administrative support for all aspects of graduate education. A graduate student’s first line of communication is usually at the department level (your advisor and your department student services office), but please come to our office if questions or issues need further explanation.

Department Student Services Staff

Each of our departments and programs has dedicated student services staff to support undergraduate and graduate education. The link below is to undergraduate programs’ department contacts, but graduate students are often helped by the same staff. The department can route you to specific staff members as needed. 

Departmental contact list