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Faculty Launch Fund

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The minds that will shape the future of engineering

Launch new faculty from day one

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The School of Engineering currently hires approximately 12 new faculty each year. Historically the school has relied on unrestricted dollars for startup funding. But the cost of launching a new faculty member is increasing, as is the need to proactively offer compelling packages in this competitive hiring environment. 

Creating an environment designed for success is expensive—launch funds range from $300,000 up to $3 million—but robust packages ensure that new faculty can immediately set up labs, purchase equipment, and take on students. With these funds readily available at the outset, they can accelerate new, innovative research that advances the field. 

Learn how your gift can have meaningful impact


Stanford will always recruit only the most promising faculty—those scholars who will chart the course of engineering for the next 30 years. Help us provide them with these well-deserved investments in their success.

“Here I lead my own group and have been entrusted with funds to build what I believe will be the next cutting-edge robot.”

-Jeannette Bohg, Assistant Professor, Computer Science