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GEI Application Process

All application materials are due on or before January 31, 2020, at 11:59 PM. An application is not complete until all materials have been received, INCLUDING THE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. Recommendations cannot be requested before submitting an application so please plan accordingly to submit  the application earlier so recommenders have time to submit before the deadline .

Steps to Complete Application

Step 1: SOLO System

Complete the application on the SOLO system, including uploading your resume and unofficial transcript.

Find the application on the SOLO system, then click on the listing to see the “Apply” link. Make sure you save your progress while you are applying. (Note: The recommendation request form will appear on the right side of your application page. If you try to submit a letter of recommendation request before saving a draft of your application, your responses will be lost.)

For first-time applicants, you will need to first update your SOLO profile (there will be a link in the text box). You can connect to the Registrar’s office by selecting the checkbox to autofill your SOLO profile. 

Step 2: Letter of Recommendation

One letter of recommendation is required. Recommendations can be from a professor (Stanford or elsewhere), employer, or anyone else you feel can attest to your skills and your ability to thrive in the type of internship abroad for which you are applying. You should inform your recommender which internship position(s) you are applying for. Recommendations are requested in your SOLO system account. Visual instructions on how to send a recommendation request through the SOLO system are on to the right under Docs and Downloads.

Selection Process: Stanford internship candidates will be selected based on overall fit with the program. GEP will conduct the initial screening of applicants. The companies will then review the applications and, in some cases, conduct interviews to finalize their selection.


In addition to a shorter version of application through SOLO system, applicants need to complete a separate application process for the internship in Infosys of India here. A detailed step-by-step instruction is as below:

1. Go to

2. Click on the dropdown menu, click Apply Now.

3. Fill out the application form on the “Apply Now” webpage.

  • N.B. The “Apply Now” form does not allow you to save the information you have already inputted. Ensure that you have all information on hand to finish the application in one step. If the website logs you out, your information will not be saved.
  • For the University option, select “Stanford University – Liberal Arts” (even though you are enrolled within the School of Engineering).
  • Contact your reference, asking permission to submit their name and contact information before doing so on the application form.
  • An optional section exists for listing your preferences. You will have to look through the different projects if you want to have a better understanding of the different preference topics offered in this field of the application. By clicking on the link, you will be able to search for different projects by project area, duration or degree requirement. You can also enter keywords to see which project areas come up.

4. After filling out all relevant information, submit the application. It should be turned in before January 31st in order for GEP to review your application for possible referral to Infosys.

5. You should receive a confirmation e-mail with the Subject heading “Confirmation of your application”. It is recommended that you send an update of your application status to so that the GEP staff can help to follow up with Infosys.