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Faculty & Research

Engineering can solve human problems such as climate change, overpopulation, network security and more.

Stanford Engineering focuses on a multidisciplinary approach that draws upon Stanford’s world-leading expertise in medicine, law, business and public policy to create an impact on 21st century challenges.

Alex Dunn

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering

I’m the only person in my family who isn’t a professional musician.


Mechanical Engineering

The most important thing about being an engineer is understanding people and designing systems that will improve the human condition. My research focuses on how we can engineer the sense of touch.

Research department

The School of Engineering’s departments are home to more than 240 faculty and more than 4,000 students with undergraduate, graduate, coterm and post-grad opportunities.

Faculty research labs and centers

Explore Stanford Engineering’s dozens of labs, institutes and centers to find about the research at Stanford and the people behind the work.