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Chinese Undergraduate Visiting Research Program Past Participants

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Comments from Engineering Faculty

  • The UGVR Program “is wonderful.”
  • “The best lab member I have had; unbelievably productive.”
  • “I attached the student to two other undergrads, and they functioned very well as a team. This was a good way to give exposure to advanced topics that the visitor could not have done on his own.”
  • “The student worked well with his mentor and with an American REU (freshman) student.”
  • “I really enjoyed it. The student was highly motivated. I think he made my students more motivated now.”
  • “I think the program worked well for my research team this summer. My students were stimulated by having a visiting student participating.”
  • “This was one of the best summer students I have had in my group — outstanding potential.”

Comments from UGVR Students

  • “The UGVR program was very well organized and was the best program I have ever attended.”
  • “I have a wonderful summer in Stanford and have learned a lot during the past two months.”
  • “The communication with professors and my partners were very helpful and cheerful. It was a great pleasure to work with these nice people.”
  • “I not only learned how to do research in a more independent format and frequently cooperate with others, but also felt myself become a part of the lab rather than just a visitor.”
  • “The hands-on experience, the exploration of the research world and meeting with the professor are my favorite parts.”
  • “The highlight of my UGVR experience is my research. Working with PI and labmates in Stanford is an excellent experience. I love the idea of my project a lot!”
  • “I have made friends with many different people and learned a lot about culture diversity. I think UGVR program is one of the best programs I have ever seen.”
  • “People in Stanford are very impressive. My professor is a great mentor who helps me a lot and gives me many inspirations in doing research. My labmates are very nice and helpful. I had a wonderful time working with them. The organizers and coordinators of the UGVR program are all very considerate. Thanks to you all for the great experience!”