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Faculty Awards 2011-2012

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During the academic year 2011-2012, faculty members were recognized for their research or teaching. Click on a name to see additional information about that faculty member.

Name Award Date Primary Department
Dave Barnett A. Cemal Eringen Medal, Society of Engineering Science 2012 Materials Science and Engineering
Bruce Clemens President, Materials Research Society 2012 Materials Science and Engineering
Sigrid Close CAREER Award, National Science Foundation 2012 Aeronautics and Astronautics
Abbas El Gamal Claude E. Shannon Award, IEEE 2012 Electrical Engineering
Audrey Ellerbee Young Investigator Research Award, Air Force 2012 Electrical Engineering
Ed Feigenbaum Fellow, Computer History Museum 2012 Computer Science
Bernd Girod Technical Achievement Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society 2011 Electrical Engineering
Joe Goodman Inductee, Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame 2012 Electrical Engineering
Leo Guibas Fellow, IEEE 2012 Computer Science
Sig Hecker Leo Szilard Lectureship Award, American Physical Society 2012 Management Science and Engineering
John Hennessy Medal of Honor, IEEE 2012 Electrical Engineering
Tom Kenny Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award, IEEE 2011 Mechanical Engineering
Chris Manning Fellow, Association for Computational Linguistics 2011 Computer Science
Ed McCluskey John von Neumann Medal, IEEE 2012 Electrical Engineering
Arogyaswami Paulraj

Foreign Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, India

Alumni Technical Leadership Award, Indian Institutes of Technology

2011 Electrical Engineering
Mendel Rosenblum Computer Entrepreneur Award, IEEE 2011 Mechanical Engineering
Bernie Roth Robotics and Automation Award, IEEE 2012 Mechanical Engineering
Krishna Saraswat Distinguished Alumnus Award, Prof. LKM Foundation 2011 Electrical Engineering