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Industry Collaborations

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Stanford Engineering has a history of working with industry to solve real-world problems.

Corporate relationships with Stanford Engineering give your business the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with our world‐class faculty and students
  • Get an early look at breakthrough technologies
  • Help define research directions
  • Solve company specific research problems
  • Provide training to keep your team on the cutting edge
  • Add an extra spark of innovation to your company

Companies have many ways of building Stanford Engineering relationships, including making donations; establishing endowed chairs, professorships, faculty scholars and student fellowships; and joining topically focused affiliate programs and collaborating on sponsored research.

The Corporate Relations team is available to assist you with any of the following engagement opportunities.

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By making gifts to Stanford, corporations gain exposure to an important source of intellectual talent and support departments and faculty engaged in research related to their interests.

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Affiliate Programs

Your window into Stanford Engineering

Supported by corporate membership fees, affiliate programs provide an avenue for industry to contribute to and sustain research and teaching in areas of interest. 

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Sponsored Research

Creatively address business challenges

 Stanford Engineering’s sponsored research opportunities benefits the affiliated companies and fulfills the university’s mission to advance knowledge.