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Consulting Request Form

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Consulting Request for the Technical Communication Program

In addition to its courses, the Technical Communication Program (TCP) provides individual consulting for students who want assistance on a non-credit basis. Students can arrange to get feedback on shorter projects, such as a fellowship proposal, a teaching or research statement, a statement of purpose, or a shorter paper/article or for coaching on presentations, dissertation defenses, or job interviews.  

Note: The TCP emphasizes instruction and is not an editing service. Non-credit consulting is for limited, short-term assistance. Students seeking help on course-related material should have their instructor’s approval to receive TCP feedback. Students seeking extended help are advised to enroll in one of the TCP’s courses, such as Engr 202S, a 1-unit course with one-on-one writing instruction and feedback.

To request a consultation with a writing or public speaking instructor, complete the form linked below. During periods of high demand, availability may be limited. Please submit a request reasonably well in advance of your due date to allow time for scheduling and meeting. The TCP office is in Huang 049 (basement level). Thank you!

All writing and public speaking conferences are currently remote

Consulting request form