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Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

A commitment to diversity is a commitment to excellence. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated and students of all backgrounds are empowered to be their full, authentic selves.

Student with bike in stanford arcade

Come and explore Stanford with summer programs and learn about fellowships and fee waivers.

Female student smiling

Additional research opportunities, more experience in calculus or computer science, and a summer academy can help students become better acclimated with the Stanford Engineering student experience.

Student working on engineering project

Learn about our pre-college programs designed for high-potential low-income high school students of color, as well as a project with middle schoolers in the Redwood City School District.

Students working in a lab

Resources for undergraduates and graduates are available.



I don’t think I would have gone through with an engineering major at Stanford if it weren’t for the...