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GPS Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Where will the symposium be located at Stanford and what time should I arrive?

A. GPS 2018 will begin outside of the  William R. Hewlett Teaching Center at Stanford University. Registration will open at 8 AM and the welcome will begin at 9 AM sharp as indicated on the program. Since the symposium is during the weekend, you can park anywhere on campus. The closest parking lots to Hewlett are Roth Way Garage, Via Ortega Garage and Roble Field Garage.

Q. What is the cost of attending GPS and will transportation and lodging be provided by Stanford University?

A. There is no cost to attend GPS at Stanford. Unfortunately, due to this being a free event where breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, we will not be able to provide assistance for transportation or lodging. It is recommended that if you know other students from your school that are coming to Stanford that you contact them and organize carpool and lodging arrangements. Lodging information can also be found using Stanford’s Lodging Guide.  

Q. What is the dress code for GPS?

A. There will be no enforced dress code during the symposium. Casual to smart-casual is encouraged. There will be working professionals who will be attending but they will also be in casual to smart-casual type of attire. No need for complete suits or gowns… this is Silicon Valley.

General Questions:

Q.  I am a ______ (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, community college student, or someone who has already graduated) and I was wondering if GPS is for me and if I should apply?

A. Anyone is invited to apply!.This year, GPS is predominantly focused on juniors and seniors since the presentations and workshops will be geared towards applying to graduate schools in the fall. This does not mean that if you are a freshman or a sophomore that your application will not be looked at. Please fill out the application in its entirety and give us some time to get back to you.

Q. Is GPS only for engineering students since it is hosted by Stanford and UC Berkeley engineering departments?

A. No, GPS is open to all STEM majors. You do not have to be in engineering in order to participate in this year’s GPS symposium.

Q. I am a recruiter and I would like to table during GPS. Who should I contact?

A. We are accepting recruiters from various universities to come and table for their departments. Please contact Gaby Velazquez at  Tables will be provided for and, if needed, you can ship your items to our location for ease of use.