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Megan Palmer: COVID-19’s scientific silver lining

An expert in biopolicy offers insight on today’s COVID-19 crisis and hope that leaders in policy, science and security can unite to prevent the next pandemic.

A cut paper illistration of an orange ladder leading up to a circular hole in a grey wall, leading to clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds

Cooperation will be key to a brighter future. | Stocksy/CACTUS Creative Studio

Megan Palmer, executive director of Bio Policy and Leadership Initiatives at Stanford, joins bioengineer Russ Altman for this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast, to discuss how we can better prepare for future virus outbreaks and how the world could ultimately become a more secure, peaceful and prosperous place as a result of the lessons learned from COVID-19.

The key to that future, she says, will be better coordination and communication among world leaders in science, security and policy, who will be charged with foreseeing and preventing the next crisis. Likewise, it will take better cooperation between humankind and the natural world.