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Ross Shachter

Ross Shachter

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technolog, Management (1976)
PhD, UC Berkeley, Operations Research (1982)


(650) 353-7456

Shachter's interests include:

Influence diagram knowledge representation and solution

Intelligent decision systems

Medical decision analysis

Decision analysis fundamentals

Planning under uncertainty

Prof. Shachter joined Stanford's faculty directly after receiving his Ph.D. degree. His doctoral dissertation developed a method for purchasing an expert's forecast that encourages accurate revelation of the expert's beliefs as probabilities. Since then his research has focused on the representation, manipulation, and analysis of uncertainty and probabilistic reasoning in decision systems. As part of this work, he developed the DAVID influence diagram processing system for the Macintosh. He has developed models scheduling patients for cancer follow-up, and analyzing vaccination strategies for HIV and Helobacter pylori.