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Andrea Ramirez


Electrical Engineering

Jun 2018
I’m in the midst of interviewing for summer internships.

After taking #ENGR193, I feel much more comfortable and confident in talking about who I am, what my skill set is and what in general I’d bring to a team. Prior to this class, I didn’t really know how to effectively prepare for interviews, and as a result I found myself getting confused and stressed during conversations with recruiters. Hearing some of Nita’s and the guest speakers’ stories about approaching interviews as a conversation – a chance to share my passions and experiences and also to get to know about the culture and mission of an organization – has helped alleviate some of my fears around the process. I’m being more intentional about the way I prepare stories to share during interviews and in the process am being more thoughtful and reflective about the pathway I’d like to create for myself after I leave Stanford. 

Amanda Law

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