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LaToya Powell smiles for her portrait in her home in front of a wall with art on it

Graduate Admissions Officer

Electrical Engineering

I’ve been at SoE for almost five years and I love my job. I’m a science nerd, a Star Trek fan, and I’m...

Bryce Johnson

Coterminal MS candidate

Computer Science

My path to engineering started when I was 9 and went to see the movie ‘Iron Man’ with my family.

Kumiko Jacobs

Faculty Affairs and Staff Administrator

Chemical Engineering

I moved to the U.S. in 2014 from Tokyo, Japan, where I was a personal executive assistant to a CEO in...

Linny Le smiling for her portrait photo

Lead Research and Finance Administrator


My job has always been a roller coaster – in a good way!

Linda Esquivel

Career & Affiliate Services Officer

Management Science and Engineering

I’m the first individual to be a Career & Affiliate Services Officer in the Management Science...

Vinny Toth in a short sleeve button up shirt, with his arms crossed as he leans on a stone sphere in the engineering quad

Building Manager, Shriram Center

I’m the Shriram Center building manager, which means my team and I keep things running in the building.

Sonia Travaglini using a small screwdriver to adjust a chip

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Skilling and Learning Specialist

Aeronautics and Astronautics

#IAmAnEngineer Ever since I was little, I’ve been curious about how things worked — what’s going on in a...

Jinwei Xu

PhD Candidate 2021

Materials Science and Engineering

I started out as an undergraduate majoring in physics at the University of Science and Technology in...

Stephanie Schmidt poses in front of shelves with silver dishes

MS ’16, PhD ’19


#IAmAnEngineer: I’ve been surrounded by engineering my whole life; both my parents are engineers, and I...

Wendy Gu

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

#IAmAnEngineer: I’ve always liked research. I really became interested in both engineering and...