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PhD candidate

Aeronautics and Astronautics

#IAmAnEngineer: I work on developing algorithms that help robots understand the world around them, and...

Master’s Student

Civil & Environmental Engineering

When the pandemic happened, I started watching videos on the water situation in developing nations – and...


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ethiopia, my country, is endowed with precious gifts of nature: fertile soil, a favorable climate with...

MS ’13, MA ’21 Linguistics

Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering

#IAmAnEngineer: I’ve always had an appetite for both math and language, but for years I struggled to...

PhD Student

Materials Science and Engineering

When I was a kid, I went to my older brother’s Lego League practices all the time. That’s really where I...


PhD candidate

Mechanical Engineering

I’m from a very small city in Turkey where my parents were physics professors at its only university.

Student Services Specialist

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Stanford was my second job out of college but I’ve been here 31 years – and every single one of those...

PhD ’18


#IAmAnEngineer: I work in biotech, where I make experiments more efficient and hands-off using...

Dana Cortade

PhD Candidate

Materials Science and Engineering

After a childhood seeing loved ones with mental health issues struggle with incorrect diagnoses and...

Kirsti Copeland

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

I think of myself as a pivot between university decisions and the school student services staff in the...